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Exit Clovis

The most ironically perfect sign I’ve seen in a long time.
I’ve been living and working here for almost 3 years. That’s something…I don’t know what it is, but it’s something. It changed me. Will I be able to change myself back?

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Is it time yet to start thinking about those things which I referenced a few posts ago only as daydreams? Perhaps it is. Not to say that I haven’t been getting by just fine here or that I can’t continue to do so. As I mentioned to someone earlier today, a part of me doesn’t even want to leave. A part of me just wants to continue quietly going about my business and not bothering or being bothered by anyone. In a way it will certainly be harder to return to any place that’s not a de facto deployed location; a place (both physical and mental/emotional) where I interact more frequently with more people, especially people outside of the day-in, day-out (or sometimes night-in, night-out) workplace crowd. But of course some things in life are hard. That’s part of why we do them, right JFK?

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Today was less quiet–and certainly less snowy–but a good day nevertheless. I spent a few hours flying, an hour or two studying, an hour or two reading casually (Guns, Germs and Steel), and a nice interval just relaxing and listening to music (on my best headphones, no less). Also, perhaps concurrently, spent a little while thinking about my schedule for the next few months and what events are coming up. There’s a notable discrepancy between the things I’d like to be doing and the things I will be doing. Such is a fact, undoubtedly, for many people who have jobs, school and/or finite resources, which is the vast majority of us. In keeping with my general striving toward positivity, I’ll note that there are certainly places, things and people in my near future to which I can look forward happily.

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another layer of paint

I think so many things during a day. Sometimes I want to write them all down, sometimes I just want to tell them to someone. Of course, most of the time I do neither, and that’s probably for the best.

This year so far has some of the feel of mid-to-late 2006, at least in the work department. The realization is slowly but surely hitting me that the next few years may be very comparable to the past couple of weeks. Yippee.

I’m thankful for a friend who recently wrote me a really thoughtful and solicitous letter. I’m also thankful that, despite the dearth of personal connections I feel in this area, there are a few people with whom I sometimes correspond during the day (though even that is now harder since I can’t bring my cell phone into my office, haha). I’m thankful that, when work is over and I go home, nobody really bothers me and I have all the time and space to myself that I want. It sometimes would be nice to have more company (and yes, to a good extent I mean female company), but that’s not going to happen in Clovis…oh well. I’m thankful that over the past year I’ve gotten to travel a good bit, see a lot of people and do some different things. Given my job, that privilege wasn’t a given, and indeed I’m seeing it greatly curtailed now.

My trains of thought sometimes have to be stopped dead in their tracks.

Anyone heard of the movie Upstream Color? I’m very interested in seeing it, for reasons related to the title of this post.

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All in a name

I realized something tonight–something very simple and straightforward, to such an extent that I’m amazed it eluded my perception previously. It has to do with terms of address. Now anyone reading this most likely knows that my name is Harding Brumby. It’s less guaranteed, but quite possible, for a reader to know that Harding isn’t my true first name. A lot of people, especially in the military, may be confused about my first name if they have never met me or not spent a lot of time around me. An example of this is when I first got to my current assignment, my academics binder was marked simply “H. Brumby” along with my rank and crew position. The instructor who created the binder was legitimately confused and didn’t want to put something blatantly incorrect, and I admire his one-size-fits-all solution.

Back to the point of the story, here’s what I concluded a short time ago. Anyone who calls me either “Harding” or one of my many nicknames (I honestly don’t care which one) is, most likely, either a friend or someone at least trying to establish a more personal connection to me. Conversely, anyone who calls me “Brumby” is no more than a professional acquaintance; he may be a commander or other superior, or he may just be someone with whom I am not exactly bros. At present I can think of four exceptions to this rule–actual friends who call me Brumby, that is. One of them I’ve known for 5+ years, and the other three I’ve known for 11+ years. It’s also, in my view, acceptable for superiors in my chain of command to call me Harding or a nickname, such as “Tiberius” (new one courtesy of my current unit commander). Such a practice seems to establish a less formal rapport, but there is no danger of me forgetting the superior-subordinate nature of the relationship. If one of my peers, either at work or otherwise, is calling me Brumby, that serves as a good cue as to the nature of my current relationship with that person.


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First, I just want to see if this posts to fb automatically or not, I may have been sharing entries redundantly. But while I’m on here, a brief update…

Tonight’s flight served as my “rec ride”, meaning if I did well enough I would be recommended to progress to a check ride on my next one. It wasn’t perfect, but I battled my way through and I suppose Friday is now the big day. Though I haven’t actually earned anything yet, I have managed to make it farther than several others who came before me. I’ll get as well-prepared as I can and then see how things go Friday.

My waking, non-working hours (such as they occur) have been improved by listening almost nonstop to the new Gaslight Anthem album. I plan to see them in concert at least once in the next couple of months as well, though of course they’re not coming anywhere within a few hours of here…

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Pour out some hope for me

I’ve spent much of the past several hours watching tennis. Now, if it were up to me, would be a nice time to get some sleep (I did nap for a while yesterday evening). Too bad I have class from 8-5…

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