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under-sung heroes

Roger Clyne. Paul Durham. Robin Wilson. Emerson Hart. Kevin Griffin.

If you know who all (or even most) of these guys are, you probably have musical tastes that line up with mine pretty well.

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Tonic – Sugar

So I think I’ve gonna talk about music some more on this blog. The above album (released in 1999) was in my CD player a lot in high school. Tonic is in general a really solid, underrated band–most people probably only remember the 1997 hit “If You Could Only See“, maybe not even that one for the younguns! Anyway, they rock hard but are also very melodic, and their lyrics are certainly not run-of-the-mill. Sugar and their first release, Lemon Parade, were among the many albums which were regrettably lost when someone stole almost all my CDs out of my car during my sophomore year of college. I just downloaded the track “Knock Down Walls” a few days ago, it’s a highlight of the album as an aggressive yet very catchy tune. You can’t go wrong with the first four tracks (the others are “Future Says Run”, “You Wanted More” and “Mean to Me”, with the latter two seeing some commercial success), but as I remember the rest of the record doesn’t disappoint either.

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