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First post, second try

First, something I happened across earlier today, one of a string of tennis-related videos (inspired by the Australian Open, of course):

Andy Murray street magic

Seems clear that Andy : tennis :: Brodie Smith : ultimate! (ok, maybe Andy has to add to his trick-shot body of work to be mentioned with Brodie.)

Anyway, I’m not sure livejournal has aged very well in the almost 7 years I’ve been using it, so why not give something else a shot. I know at least a few people who are or have been wordpress users, despite the fact that the site just told it couldn’t find any of my facebook friends on here. Eh, not a show-stopper.

I think I’ll be writing more about music in this blog, though I’ll be honest and not tell myself or anyone else that it won’t sometimes include periodic ramblings in which I use a lot of words to say very little! Anyway, to all those who make their way here, thanks for reading and I welcome your feedback.


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