Gone with the www.ind

I came across a blog the other day and realized that, not only have I neglected to write here in a very long time, I haven’t been reading other blogs either. I suspect this is largely due to friends/acquaintances/people in general not writing blogs as much, though I could be wrong. Several years ago I had a bookmark folder full of such blogs, but no longer. It did occur to me that I get more enjoyment out of reading personal stories, especially from people I know personally, than most other web or social media browsing. It’s ironic that the one way people would actually see this post nowadays is if my account were connected to my facebook page via “auto-share” or whatever that feature may be called. It’s even more ironic that, as my sidebar here tells me, “There is an issue connecting to Facebook” and none of my attempts thus far has remedied that issue. Oh well.

Anyway, most likely a lot has gone on in my life since the last period when I posted even semi-regularly, which I would guess to be 2014 if not earlier. Maybe sometime soon I’ll feel like recapping-reflecting on some of those goings-on, whether anyone hears that digital tree falling in the midst of the online forest or not! In the meantime, I plan to make some further efforts to see if anyone else has been keeping their blog game up more respectably than I.


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