Monthly Archives: August 2015

Oh is this still a thing?

Probably not. But I must not forget that it feels good to write once in a while, even for a math nerd. The potential powder keg is people seeing, and reacting to, my writing. I don’t mean that in a political sense, as I’m not here to instigate an uprising or shatter the status quo. I’ve historically been “here” (and previously on my livejournal) to reflect, and hopefully better understand, my own experiences. Nevertheless, real and significant things have happened in my life as a direct result of journal posts. Some have been wondrous and some have been devastating. None of those posts are going to un-write themselves, though. I understand the risks in this endeavor. That said, I’ve proven that I can get through personal turmoil, and I hold out hope that regardless of any rebound upon me, my past and future writings can have a positive effect on someone.