Artifakts revisited

I’ve once again realized in retrospect that a previous posting reflects an overly, baselessly negative viewpoint. I want to clarify here that I predominantly feel a sense of awe and gratitude, when I really reflect, for the places I’ve been able to go and the things I’ve been able to do since 2007. I’ve experienced so much that many of the individual moments become nearly forgotten, refreshed only when I pull up a particular official form, chart, log or synopsis. Although many of my family and friends have also done amazing things, I can’t think of anyone for whose life events (in a comparable period such as age 24-31) I’d trade my own. Yes, I do get unhappy and frustrated sometimes; the frustration often comes from circumstances mostly or completely out of my control, and as such, I just have to continue to limit those reactions and redirect my thoughts.


One thought on “Artifakts revisited

  1. Moppy Dimon Brumby says:

    YEP! That’s probably the experience that most folks have….all are frustrated at times….that’s called LIFE. Focus on the blessings……

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