Another (better?) flat land

Well, I no longer live on the Llano Estacado. Perhaps that merits a change to the name of this journal, but as opposed to the solid 6+ years I spent writing (at least intermittently) on LJ, I don’t feel like I’ve been here on WordPress long enough to change up anything drastic.

Perhaps the biggest intangible change of the past 3 years or so is that I’ve been knocked way down off my high horse. I don’t intend that statement as some kind of complaint, indictment or expression of negativity and I don’t want anyone to interpret it that way (I’m looking at you, Mom). It simply signifies that back in 2011, even in parts of 2012, I had a lot of false confidence. I combined that with a not-so-healthy dose of irresponsibility. Looking at the recent past and the present, I can see that I’ve lost much of that veneer but gained what I judge an equal measure of responsibility. To use the analogy that I feel like I’ve made a thousand times, I see through a soberer set of eyes. Would I like to have the best of both worlds? Of course–who doesn’t?


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