Monthly Archives: October 2014

Odd Man

So here’s a story. I’m out around town with a few friends–not anyone super close, just guys I know from work. They’re talking pretty constantly about where we can go to find women. I, having no woman to call my own, don’t object. However, over the course of the evening it becomes clear that each of my four colleagues either is married or has a girlfriend (some in “different zip codes”). After a few moments of indecision, I decide to part ways with them and go home. I’m no angel myself and I definitely don’t offer any moral judgments, but in my mind some things are unacceptable. So I walk home, on my own, while the rest of the guys are doing who knows what (or whom). Happy halloween!


Another (better?) flat land

Well, I no longer live on the Llano Estacado. Perhaps that merits a change to the name of this journal, but as opposed to the solid 6+ years I spent writing (at least intermittently) on LJ, I don’t feel like I’ve been here on WordPress long enough to change up anything drastic.

Perhaps the biggest intangible change of the past 3 years or so is that I’ve been knocked way down off my high horse. I don’t intend that statement as some kind of complaint, indictment or expression of negativity and I don’t want anyone to interpret it that way (I’m looking at you, Mom). It simply signifies that back in 2011, even in parts of 2012, I had a lot of false confidence. I combined that with a not-so-healthy dose of irresponsibility. Looking at the recent past and the present, I can see that I’ve lost much of that veneer but gained what I judge an equal measure of responsibility. To use the analogy that I feel like I’ve made a thousand times, I see through a soberer set of eyes. Would I like to have the best of both worlds? Of course–who doesn’t?