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Is it time yet to start thinking about those things which I referenced a few posts ago only as daydreams? Perhaps it is. Not to say that I haven’t been getting by just fine here or that I can’t continue to do so. As I mentioned to someone earlier today, a part of me doesn’t even want to leave. A part of me just wants to continue quietly going about my business and not bothering or being bothered by anyone. In a way it will certainly be harder to return to any place that’s not a de facto deployed location; a place (both physical and mental/emotional) where I interact more frequently with more people, especially people outside of the day-in, day-out (or sometimes night-in, night-out) workplace crowd. But of course some things in life are hard. That’s part of why we do them, right JFK?

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The disjointed and ungrammatical conclusion of the previous post can be credited to the less than stellar quality of the iPad version of the website! 


it’s a subject that’s spent a lot of time rattling around my brain in the recent past, even before someone explicitly invoked it in (what else?) a Facebook message. Now is not the time for a full exploration, but I want to at least break the no-posts ice that has accumulated for what seems like a couple of months at least. in terms of shareable content, I definitely feel like I’ve been receiving/consuming.

much and producing/giving little. Time for some service before self? Ok, not super soon because I need to sleep, but