well then

And in lighter news, the fun of being an Atlanta sports fan continues! Umm…go Hawks?

I’m also on a quixotic quest to get people here interested in a little 2-on-2 game called Spikeball. I absolutely love the game, It seems to be exploding in popularity across many cities and regions, and almost everyone I’ve met seems to enjoy playing. Unfortunately, most colleagues here on base fall into the small category of “not almost everyone”. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

For a final note, I attended a local Parks and Rec committee meeting. The committee members were a good bit older and somewhat more plain of speech than Leslie Knope, Mark Brandanowitz or whatever that intern girl’s name is (haven’t watched the show in a while).

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2 thoughts on “well then

  1. rangerskye says:

    Go Hawks!

  2. Lizzy says:

    Her name is April, HB! Get your head in the game. (:

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