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Gone Away

Apologies for the lyric video. I’d call this my go-to “deployment song”, although only portions of it actually fit what I feel a lot of the times when I’m over there. It really bounces between different themes and moods. It’s partly a love song, partly a breakup song, and one could even say parts of it are about suicide. For me, it seems to represent the tension between the very real, striking emotions that I do feel toward persons that I’m “missing here in this old life” and the forced detachment which serves to keep me focused and help me get through the immediate challenge of the next day, week or month.

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The Fray is one of those bands that some people love to hate, and I don’t exactly love their entire catalog (they do get credit for two Kanuga songs–“Over My Head” in 2006 and “You Found Me” in 2009). This track, though, has been one of my favorites since I first heard it. Suggestion: Get a good pair of headphones and listen to the intro first in stereo, then with only your left ear, then with only your right. The two guitar parts are similar, but differentiated enough both to suggest what will be the song’s chord progression and to provide, in my interpretation, a feeling somewhere between discomfort and despair. As the track continues and other parts come in, everything just seems to mesh nicely and each instrument has its own contribution. I’ve also always liked the first line of the second verse, though it bears no relation to any life experience!

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