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I’ve been in limboland for what seems like forever, but for one reason or another, posting hasn’t been very convenient. Even now I have my doubts due to a wifi signal that seems to load one website without issue but has monumental hangups with the second!


Like my post from the other day essentially stated, and like I often think but struggle to say, life is just incredible. The highs, and the lows, are practically incomprehensible. So many things have happened which I could not have even begun to imagine beforehand. I’ve loved it, I’ve hated it, I’ve held on too tight, I’ve let go too quickly, I feel like I’ve made every mistake that anyone could think of. And I still feel like I have lots of living in front of me.

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One thought on “Like it

  1. Moppy Dimon Brumby says:

    I’m sure I’ve made MORE mistakes than anyone could think of, but with each day comes a new opportunity to make them, learn from them…and to appreciate the many good things and people in our lives.

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