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Like it

I’ve been in limboland for what seems like forever, but for one reason or another, posting hasn’t been very convenient. Even now I have my doubts due to a wifi signal that seems to load one website without issue but has monumental hangups with the second!


Like my post from the other day essentially stated, and like I often think but struggle to say, life is just incredible. The highs, and the lows, are practically incomprehensible. So many things have happened which I could not have even begun to imagine beforehand. I’ve loved it, I’ve hated it, I’ve held on too tight, I’ve let go too quickly, I feel like I’ve made every mistake that anyone could think of. And I still feel like I have lots of living in front of me.

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You or she? (Cont.)

and certainly has personal meaning(s) to me. On the other hand, it is a rather whiny and self-absorbed song, so I won’t enter the emo-dom of any in-depth explanation of those meanings. 

Overall, clearly I still like the song. I would just like it more if the speaker could pick one way of referring to his ex and stick with it!
In terms of other tracks suffering from this issue, the first that comes to mind is one I’ve posted about before: The Band of Heathens’ “Rehab Facility”, obviously another one I enjoy despite the flaw. Anyone have other contributions?

You or she?

So here’s a musical pet peeve that I felt like mentioning. Depending on their content and intended tone, songs are written using some combinatIon of one or more grammatical persons (first/second/third, singular/plural). I’ve noticed that some songs switch between the second person (“you”) and third (“she”) persons to address the same subject, without any clear reason. Case in point:

The person-switching is a real shame in this case because “Nothing” is, in a way, one of my favorite songs of the past couple of years