false start

So I just wrote several paragraphs of continuation to the story that I began in my previous entry, and then I decided not to post them. Maybe I will later, but on the other hand, maybe it would just be walking back down a familiar road (a story I partially told in my previous journal, in 2007, about events that transpired in 2006). Perhaps all I need to say about that springtime stay in A-land boils down to a few sentences.

I did not, by and large, enjoy the trip. Everyone who was there and everyone else to whom I’ve spoken at any length about it (2-3 people) knows that. However, like other experiences both good and bad, I learned from it. So what did I learn? One person later told me that I learned the wrong lesson. I disagreed with that conclusion, but did grant that it was a lesson I didn’t want to learn. One inarguable truth is that the experience changed me and, thus, contributed to making me who I am today. Of course, many other times, places, people, events and experiences also went into making me who I am–but I feel this particular week of my life played a bigger role in the process than did most other periods of that length or even a good bit longer. Hopefully, by exploring more of my actions, thoughts and emotions during a period of years both beforehand and afterward, I can gain a better understanding of myself, as well as stimulating thought and even external discussion about topics that matter to individuals and to us all.

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