To Say It All

Recently I posted a “new” profile pic on facebook. (obviously if you’re fb friends with me you’ll see it, but I haven’t been sharing posts made here in a while, so most reading this are probably strangers who stumbled across it.) The photo is a few years old, dating to September 2008 or thereabouts. It’s pretty obviously a camera phone self-portrait and was never intended for a larger audience. Nevertheless, when I came across it the other day while doing some computer cleanup, I really liked something about it. Judging by the online reaction, I’m not alone.

The picture was from a very different time and place in my life. As one might guess, it was originally sent to a significant other. Does that make it wrong for me to let hundreds of mostly not-so-significant others see it now? I don’t think so–for one thing, no one else is even in the picture. It’s just me sitting in my car (hopefully not actually driving at the time) and smiling. I think I shared it for two reasons. One, I wanted to put up something happy-looking, so maybe it could brighten somebody else’s day a little bit. Two, perhaps it was a reminder to myself.

Anyway, it’s bedtime (plus at least a couple of hours). I could hope for another generally pleasant trip down memory lane like I had in last night’s dream (certainly worthy of a post in itself), but I doubt that’ll be possible before the alarm rings this morning!

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