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The best song I’d almost forgotten for 5+ years

Saw these guys live in Gruene, TX on Dec 31, 2007. Also check out “Blood in the Water”. I happily paid $0.00 apiece for those two tracks (off their album Live at Antone’s) in the iTunes store.

Lots of thoughts swirling around my cranial cavity today. Lots of unspoken words and stringent self-control measures. I haven’t forgotten about following up on the Information Age post, but I’d be better served to get some sleep than delve into that topic presently.

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We got information in the information age

Anyone remember the song? It, along with the rest of their album The Beautiful Let Down, was in pretty heavy rotation on my iTunes (maybe my roommate’s winamp player too) during college.So I was just thinking the other day about this “information age” and wondering what, if anything, one can’t learn (at least eventually) with a google search these days. What might that thing be? Do a google search for my journal in a few days and receive your enlightenment!

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