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One thing I didn’t mention in my last post was that my phone was blowing up yesterday with “emergency alerts” warning of upcoming “blizzard conditions”. I didn’t pay them much heed at the time, but snow started falling yesterday evening, and this morning I woke up to a veritable winter wonderland. The upshot was that I essentially got an extra day of weekend. In the morning I took a walk around the neighborhood, merrily slogging through snowdrifts up to my knees. It was a grand time–it would have been more fun with one or more people joining me, but I don’t dare to try to pick and choose my fun these days.

Anyway, after I got back inside, it was a nice, calm, very quiet day. I continued cleaning up things around here, notably lots and lots of papers which I have an admitted habit of hoarding. I threw away or shredded seemingly two tons of scribbled sticky notes, receipts, duplicates of work documents, expired coupons, junk mail, and the like. I’d been wondering how all the chapstick I owned had disappeared, but several sticks have happily reappeared as a result of my reorganization.

Beyond all that, it was a day of further ample opportunity for reflection and contemplation.

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