another layer of paint

I think so many things during a day. Sometimes I want to write them all down, sometimes I just want to tell them to someone. Of course, most of the time I do neither, and that’s probably for the best.

This year so far has some of the feel of mid-to-late 2006, at least in the work department. The realization is slowly but surely hitting me that the next few years may be very comparable to the past couple of weeks. Yippee.

I’m thankful for a friend who recently wrote me a really thoughtful and solicitous letter. I’m also thankful that, despite the dearth of personal connections I feel in this area, there are a few people with whom I sometimes correspond during the day (though even that is now harder since I can’t bring my cell phone into my office, haha). I’m thankful that, when work is over and I go home, nobody really bothers me and I have all the time and space to myself that I want. It sometimes would be nice to have more company (and yes, to a good extent I mean female company), but that’s not going to happen in Clovis…oh well. I’m thankful that over the past year I’ve gotten to travel a good bit, see a lot of people and do some different things. Given my job, that privilege wasn’t a given, and indeed I’m seeing it greatly curtailed now.

My trains of thought sometimes have to be stopped dead in their tracks.

Anyone heard of the movie Upstream Color? I’m very interested in seeing it, for reasons related to the title of this post.

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One thought on “another layer of paint

  1. Moppy Dimon Brumby says:

    Glad you are thinking of and naming the things you are thankful for and not focusing on the negatives.

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