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For some reason it’s come up a lot in conversations lately, but last month I marked one full year of living in Clovis. I got to thinking the other day about the memories and mental images that really stick out from that period of time. For one of the most prominent, one need look no farther than the image which adorns the header of my home page. It was (according to google image search) taken somewhere in the Clovis area, and though not particularly large or visually stunning, it begins to convey the vast, open, almost featureless terrain of much of New Mexico.

I’ve spent many, many hours driving through this inhospitable, arid landscape. It often feels like a journey through not only space but time as well (somewhat akin to entering Clovis itself). Why is this so? For one thing, cell coverage is faint to nonexistent for vast swaths of the state. I remember once, on a drive to or from Denver, I actually tallied the miles I drove between one 3G signal and the next, reaching a number somewhere north of 300 if I recall correctly. I, along with many or most Americans in the 21st century, had started to take for granted that regardless of my location, I could not only make a phone call but text, email, read the news, download or stream music, find the nearest pizza parlor, check for sun/rain/snow wherever I was headed, watch frisbee highlights or fail compilations on youtube, etc, etc, etc. As it turns out, my assumption was decidedly off the mark.

(possibly TBCont.)

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another layer of paint

I think so many things during a day. Sometimes I want to write them all down, sometimes I just want to tell them to someone. Of course, most of the time I do neither, and that’s probably for the best.

This year so far has some of the feel of mid-to-late 2006, at least in the work department. The realization is slowly but surely hitting me that the next few years may be very comparable to the past couple of weeks. Yippee.

I’m thankful for a friend who recently wrote me a really thoughtful and solicitous letter. I’m also thankful that, despite the dearth of personal connections I feel in this area, there are a few people with whom I sometimes correspond during the day (though even that is now harder since I can’t bring my cell phone into my office, haha). I’m thankful that, when work is over and I go home, nobody really bothers me and I have all the time and space to myself that I want. It sometimes would be nice to have more company (and yes, to a good extent I mean female company), but that’s not going to happen in Clovis…oh well. I’m thankful that over the past year I’ve gotten to travel a good bit, see a lot of people and do some different things. Given my job, that privilege wasn’t a given, and indeed I’m seeing it greatly curtailed now.

My trains of thought sometimes have to be stopped dead in their tracks.

Anyone heard of the movie Upstream Color? I’m very interested in seeing it, for reasons related to the title of this post.

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