young blood

So I grew up, and eventually I learned what it was like to love someone who is not my blood relation. I was relatively late to experience that aspect of life, not being very romantically involved with anyone through high school and even most of college. In fact, the first non-relative to whom I said “I love you” wasn’t a girlfriend, but a good friend to whom I intended the phrase platonically. I wish I could remember the exact context in which I decided to utter the words, but I think she had been helping me through a difficult personal period and it just became apparent how much she had meant to me both right then and going back a few years. Though several more years have passed since that moment, I still feel the same way about this particular friend and I’m glad I went ahead and verbalized it.
The first time I told someone I loved her in a non-platonic way was a couple of years later. I won’t get into the specifics of that situation, but I will note that, once again, I meant what I said and I don’t look back with any regrets. I took a huge risk and went way out of my comfort zone (reference this post and a couple after it) because I wholeheartedly believed in what I was doing. It was, without a doubt, a period and an experience that made me know things which I hadn’t known before.

More to come, sometime.


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