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young blood

So I grew up, and eventually I learned what it was like to love someone who is not my blood relation. I was relatively late to experience that aspect of life, not being very romantically involved with anyone through high school and even most of college. In fact, the first non-relative to whom I said “I love you” wasn’t a girlfriend, but a good friend to whom I intended the phrase platonically. I wish I could remember the exact context in which I decided to utter the words, but I think she had been helping me through a difficult personal period and it just became apparent how much she had meant to me both right then and going back a few years. Though several more years have passed since that moment, I still feel the same way about this particular friend and I’m glad I went ahead and verbalized it.
The first time I told someone I loved her in a non-platonic way was a couple of years later. I won’t get into the specifics of that situation, but I will note that, once again, I meant what I said and I don’t look back with any regrets. I took a huge risk and went way out of my comfort zone (reference this post and a couple after it) because I wholeheartedly believed in what I was doing. It was, without a doubt, a period and an experience that made me know things which I hadn’t known before.

More to come, sometime.


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love, hate, and rock & roll

First, a shout out to the talented and dedicated young men and women whom I joined last weekend in Santa Fe to form the supergroup known as Rock Box. Pictures (which have been all over facebook) don’t do the occasion full justice but at least lend a sense of its transcendental nature.

For my status sometime a few weeks ago I asked the question: “What is the opposite of love?”  Though I appreciated and could identify with the answers given at that time, my query sprang from something I had either read or heard not long before. This juxtaposition constituted a compelling answer: “Hate is not the opposite of love. Fear is the opposite of love.”

I’ve been learning about love for essentially my whole life. I’ve been blessed with both immediate and extended family members who have loved me from the beginning, and the feeling is certainly mutual. Though I may not be able to describe it eloquently, I have a good idea of what that kind of love means and how it feels.

TBC (maybe)…

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