First, I just want to see if this posts to fb automatically or not, I may have been sharing entries redundantly. But while I’m on here, a brief update…

Tonight’s flight served as my “rec ride”, meaning if I did well enough I would be recommended to progress to a check ride on my next one. It wasn’t perfect, but I battled my way through and I suppose Friday is now the big day. Though I haven’t actually earned anything yet, I have managed to make it farther than several others who came before me. I’ll get as well-prepared as I can and then see how things go Friday.

My waking, non-working hours (such as they occur) have been improved by listening almost nonstop to the new Gaslight Anthem album. I plan to see them in concert at least once in the next couple of months as well, though of course they’re not coming anywhere within a few hours of here…

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