Sunshine report

Here (for the first time in a while, I know) is another one of those positives that I assure people I’m always looking for. Upon leaving work today, though I was starving, I decided to actually go and buy groceries rather than accepting instant gastronomic gratification. I was still in uniform and doubted I’d have the energy to get home, change and then go to Albertson’s, so I swung by the commissary (essentially the base supermarket). Not only were the prices very reasonable, but there was no line to check out–almost shocking considering my experience going to commissaries at previous bases near the end of the workday. I rang myself up and whistled my way right out the door!

Another thing contributing to my good spirits is that my flight today, unlike any other since I’ve started this pipeline, honestly felt like it went well. It heightened my hopes that I can soon get through with this lengthy training cycle. We’ll have to see how the next couple of events go, though.


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