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During the (rather long and increasingly dark and featureless) drive back from Colorado, I started feeling like I wanted to write more/longer posts on here. Something with a longer reach should be on the way soon, but for right now a few words on the weekend itself should suffice.

I left Clovis Friday and headed up to Denver, where I planned to watch some ultimate (the College Nat’l Chps were up in Boulder that weekend) and hang out with longtime friend/”lost prospy” Shane. A detailed recap would be both time-consuming and, likely, less than compelling reading to most, but in general I had a much better time that I’d even hoped for over the long weekend. It had some of everything–rock music, country music, new sports (spikeball, golf toss), “old” sports (ultimate, see above), beer-snobbish local IPAs, all kinds of other highbrow adult beverages courtesy of Shane and others, textual game, in-person game (2 wingmen in 1 evening!?), golf game (18 holes at the Air Force Academy, that course is awesome, but really hard), sun, fun, food and fraternization (not in the military sense). During the course of the weekend, 2 wishes/pipe dreams popped into my head at some point. They could be fulfilled jointly or separately:

1. Pack up the entirety of Cannon AFB into a few C-5s (huge military transports) and move the base to central Colorado.

2. Give or sell New Mexico (ok, New Mexico minus Taos, the other mountains/ski resorts, Santa Fe, and possibly Albuquerque) back to Mexico.

Of course those are hastily formed desires, though. I’ll have ample time to learn to love this state and the city on its eastern edge which totally rocks!  😀

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