Lonely ppl

Since I feel like I should include a little more content, and since I’ve been listening to this song frequently as of late, and since The Wallflowers might still be my all-time favorite band… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0Gkt0L_8n4


The morning garbage crew is there

Who’s reading in 2018? No one? Cool that’s what I thought. Carry on my wayward sons and daughters.

Hello journal my old friend


Family. And music. And maybe sports too. And keepin’ on keepin’ on.

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Here for the holidays

Thanks for the cards and candy and cookies, USA! Kind of interesting to consider that I was in this same garden spot 8 years ago (and probably posting to my livejournal, haha)…

Gone with the www.ind

I came across a blog the other day and realized that, not only have I neglected to write here in a very long time, I haven’t been reading other blogs either. I suspect this is largely due to friends/acquaintances/people in general not writing blogs as much, though I could be wrong. Several years ago I had a bookmark folder full of such blogs, but no longer. It did occur to me that I get more enjoyment out of reading personal stories, especially from people I know personally, than most other web or social media browsing. It’s ironic that the one way people would actually see this post nowadays is if my account were connected to my facebook page via “auto-share” or whatever that feature may be called. It’s even more ironic that, as my sidebar here tells me, “There is an issue connecting to Facebook” and none of my attempts thus far has remedied that issue. Oh well.

Anyway, most likely a lot has gone on in my life since the last period when I posted even semi-regularly, which I would guess to be 2014 if not earlier. Maybe sometime soon I’ll feel like recapping-reflecting on some of those goings-on, whether anyone hears that digital tree falling in the midst of the online forest or not! In the meantime, I plan to make some further efforts to see if anyone else has been keeping their blog game up more respectably than I.


It seems a foreign and atrophied skill.  Clearly it hasn’t been practiced in quite a while on this page, at the least!  Still, in some sense, the very irrelevancy and antiquated nature of the blog post feeds my desire to make such a digital contribution.  Connectedness be dammmed, it’s not facebook, it’s not insta, and it’s definitely not fouking snapchat (haha). It’s anachronistic and altogether appropriate.  Hey, where’s the space where I put what song I’m listening to?

(July for Kings – Kite)

Oh is this still a thing?

Probably not. But I must not forget that it feels good to write once in a while, even for a math nerd. The potential powder keg is people seeing, and reacting to, my writing. I don’t mean that in a political sense, as I’m not here to instigate an uprising or shatter the status quo. I’ve historically been “here” (and previously on my livejournal) to reflect, and hopefully better understand, my own experiences. Nevertheless, real and significant things have happened in my life as a direct result of journal posts. Some have been wondrous and some have been devastating. None of those posts are going to un-write themselves, though. I understand the risks in this endeavor. That said, I’ve proven that I can get through personal turmoil, and I hold out hope that regardless of any rebound upon me, my past and future writings can have a positive effect on someone.


Been away a long time, it seems. I must say that in contravention of potential implications of this post’s title, and certainly in comparison to several previous Mays, this month hasn’t included a huge deal of professional or personal upheaval. Things have (mostly) been nice and chill. Plenty of things I could write about and hopefully will not too far down the road. Probably going back to watching House of Cards for the time being!

Artifakts revisited

I’ve once again realized in retrospect that a previous posting reflects an overly, baselessly negative viewpoint. I want to clarify here that I predominantly feel a sense of awe and gratitude, when I really reflect, for the places I’ve been able to go and the things I’ve been able to do since 2007. I’ve experienced so much that many of the individual moments become nearly forgotten, refreshed only when I pull up a particular official form, chart, log or synopsis. Although many of my family and friends have also done amazing things, I can’t think of anyone for whose life events (in a comparable period such as age 24-31) I’d trade my own. Yes, I do get unhappy and frustrated sometimes; the frustration often comes from circumstances mostly or completely out of my control, and as such, I just have to continue to limit those reactions and redirect my thoughts.


Today I’ve been cleaning out the boxes that accompanied my move from Clovis to Savannah. That process results in so many trips down memory lane–and so many longings for someone who could place those notes, those handouts, those official forms, somewhere in the proper context of the last 7 years of my life. But seeking out that someone is like feeling, as Soul Asylum put it so eloquently, “homesick for the home I’ve never had.”